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11:32pm 31/10/2010
Emma SpyCat
So I'm feeling rather good about myself at the moment, and this is primarily the result of my tutoring this semester...

To elaborate:

I got my SELTS back from my second year subject, and they all said things like "Emma is quirky and colourful", "Emma is very funny", "I really enjoy Emma's tutes", "Emma is really cool", "Emma is the best tutor ever!" etcetera. I had a few negative comments saying "when Emma isn't interested in the subject matter, she should hide it" which is probably a valid point. As I was teaching "health and lifespan development" - a subject which I know next to nothing about, and don't particularly care about, I found it hard in some cases to hide my boredom...

So I was feeling happy, and then last night was Psychology Dinner, where a couple of my students came up to me and started telling me that they loved me, and thought that I was the best tutor they'd ever had, and that they wanted to have photos with me, and that THEY REALLY REALLY LOVED ME! I was absolutely ecstatic. So I had a few photos with them, and then they added me on Facebook, which means I have to stop whinging about students...but it made me so happy.

I suppose as a first year tutor it's nice to have that validation that I'm doing well, especially since I was very nervous last semester, and probably wasn't very good at all. This semester though, I think I've worked out my tutoring style, and am not completely terrified every time I have to take a tute. It's also nice to know that my students don't just see me as a boring tutor who makes them do boring discussion questions, but they actually LIKE me, and think my tutes are fun...I suppose everyone likes to know that people like them (or in this case apparently LOOOOVVVVEEEEE them), and it's not often you get people actually telling you that they like you - even one's friends only tend to tell you that when they're very drunk and having an alcohol-induced need to share their feelings.

So my students, in telling me how much they like me, have made me a hundred times more confident in my tutoring, and also in myself. Yay etc.

After that I proceeded to get rather tiddly, and danced badly with some of my other students, and made two of them who were on my table play drinking games during the speeches. Oh dear.

As an endnote - I do think it's rather funny that some of my students apparently think I'm so cool, because never before in my life have I ever, ever been cool.
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06:09pm 01/10/2009
Emma SpyCat
I keep starting posts, and then giving up after about a sentence. Obviously that is testament to how exciting my life is at the moment.

Thesis is due next Friday - eek! Though I just have to finish my abstract and write a meaningful concluding paragraph, so everything seems on track. Although fixing up my references may prove to be a long and tedious task....*grumbles about EndNote*.

I'm hoping I get a good grade for this thesis - although I may not have the most significant of results overall, I did get one good result, which rather unfortunately was the least important of the possible list...oh well. I think I've given some good enough reasoning to explain why my second experiment didn't work too well though, and I suppose that's what counts.

Having managed to get 3 firsts and one 2a for my semester 1 exams, I am hoping that I can manage to squeeze a first overall....it all depends on thesis and my one exam left this semester. Eek.

Also have to ask my supervisor about PhD possibilities. We had our PhD propaganda talk the other week, where "who wants to do a PhD?" was answered by 3 raised hands out of 50, while "who wants to do clinical masters?" got most of the class excited. I am glad I am in the minority of people, and will hopefully be able to do my PhD, and get a scholarship....and be happy....and whatever.

I've really enjoyed my honours year, and I don't think I was supposed to. Maybe because, for once, I was actually doing something that interested me, and was challenged in a way which I am afraid undergraduate arts never really managed.

Other than that....I've been ill for the last 2-3 months, continually. Chest infections, sinus infections....this all culminated in an infected gland on my jaw last week, which swelled up something dreadful. Antibiotics #3 seems to be helping this, and finally have killed my other various ailments. I blame living in this share house. It's damp and ridden with disease, obviously.

And I've been procrastinating by buying vegetable seedlings and planting them. I have broccoli, beetroot, silverbeet, bok choy, cos lettuce, chillis, plus many herbs. It's terribly exciting.

Oh, and while I love Robert very much, I am terribly upset with him right now. But I am sure I will get over it. And yes I know you're going to read this. Hurry up and finish cooking dinner. I'm hungry.
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01:57pm 17/07/2009
Emma SpyCat
Well, some day I will get a job which actually requires me to do some work...so far I've managed to avoid it...

Emma's truly auspicious employment history:

1. Dominos
No, didn't do much work. Sat around, gossipped, 'got lost' on deliveries.

2. Weeks Peacock/SBS/Supaloc
Well, I did some work. I wrote some contracts, I took minutes, I filed, I organised, I filed, I did homework. No, actually spent most of my time doing homework.

3. That job I had in MTL
Sitting in bed talking on the phone to Korean businesspeople. 'Work' indeed.

4. Union
Glaring at customers, listening to the radio, filing, pottering around the internet, writing thesis. Hmmm....

So in a brief moment of optimism I decided to get my lunch from Mayo. As is usually the case, this proved a near-fatal experience. It seems that during the holidays, the selection of sludge is even more gelatinous, monochrome and reconstituted than usual - there weren't even any slightly-rotten salads to choose from. So, I went with the hokkien noodles. I suppose the upside was that there was enough sweet chilli sauce in there to mask any other flavours (if indeed there were any other flavours)...but it still didn't make up for those lumps of meat, which many years ago may or may not have actually been part of an animal...or the gluggy noodles...suffice to say, I soon found myself feeding the noodles to a nearby pigeon. This however attracted more pigeons (I should have known better), and soon I was surrounded by a flock of rather mangey looking birds, eyes all fixed to my substandard lunch.

Now these pigeons were fearsome creatures, I tell you! They advanced upon me - one even having the audacity to sit on my leg waiting to be fed. When I threw a clump of noodles, there was a frenzy, heads shaking, noodles flying everywhere...including all over me (oh what gratitude!). It happens to be new international student orientation at the moment, and so a group of them passed me as I sat on the lawn amidst my avian admirers, throwing noodles, and subsequently having noodles thrown back onto me. The students stared at me with looks of confusion - I felt like assuring them that once they had eaten at Mayo, they too would be partaking in such lunch-time activities.

My half-hour ended, and I left the lawn covered in bits of beaked noodle, and the pigeons covered in pieces of noodle which had been flung, and had clung, to their feathers. I myself was still feeling fairly hungry, and the bits of chilli sauce spotted on my stockings only served to remind me of my unfortuanate lunchtime choices...

Terribly bored. Attempting to write thesis. Rather worried that it's going to be somewhat inconsequential and boring. Oh dear...

Also my friends page isn't working for some reason...grumble.
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07:09pm 05/07/2009
Emma SpyCat
So, I haven't updated for a while, and I'll blame this on the fact that I didn't have internet for a few weeks, and thereafter have been too lazy/busy to do so...

1. House
My new house is amazing!! Well, the location is great, and living with my friends is super, and the house is pretty much perfect...apart from the flooding. When we had that really heavy rain last week, we discovered, to our horror, the room which we thought was just damp and which had apparently been fixed, turned into a raging torrent, which then formed a lake in our kitchen. Now the carpet in the living room is stained and damp, and smells repulsive....so it's fun times arguing with the land-agent about fixing the swamp we're living in.

Had housewarming last night, which was fun, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, even if I did unceremoniously kick them out at 2.30. Oh well! Time to clean the winestains out of the already wrecked carpet...

2. Exams
Well, I don't think it was my best exam period. Cognition = okay, Critical Issues = good, Assessment = dismal, Intelligence = good. So, who knows how I'll do. I think I was actually going mad that week as I tried to cram everything into my head the day before the exams....oh, if only I had a good work ethic!

3. Well I suppose he will read this eventually...
...so I should say something nice about Boyfriend. Who has been practically living at Marion Street since I moved in, and I've been in a sickeningly happy bubble ever since. If, when I met him in Montreal, someone would have told me that those three drunken days I spent with him (and subsequent complete dislike for a while) would turn into probably the happiest period of my life, I would have scoffed in disbelief. But it's true. I can't remember ever being this happy. And it's amazing.

Lolz at a comment you made on my LJ last July Rob:
You guys are just so incredibly awesome! Trying not to inflate your ego further - but i'm jealous of your escapades, and wish i could've spent more time hanging out with you.

Well, seems like you're spending a lot more time hanging out with us now...Also you used to say nice things about me, whatever changed eh? :p

Anyway, I shall discontinue this point now, for fear of being *vom* *vom* *vom*

4. Honours?
Weeeelll, it seems as though I am finally starting my experiment this week. Excited much!!
And I have to actually start my thesis. Urgh. Oh well, at least I only have one exam to think about next semester, so theoretically, have all the time in the world.
Though when I fail, at least I can blame Rob for distracting me...:p

Hooray, Masterchef time! I am so addicted.
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11:20pm 04/06/2009
Emma SpyCat
Tonight is the last time I will sleep in my bed...well, for a while anyway. I am sure I will be back every now and again.

Moving tomorrow. Well, working all day tomorrow, but Rob, Harry and Rohan are moving my things for me...yay!

Bittersweet and all that. Also, had a little too much wine with dinner. So my packing may be a little erratic.
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10:22pm 31/05/2009
Emma SpyCat
I'm just sickeningly happy at the moment, it's terrible.

It seems like everything has suddenly just slotted together wonderfully - I'm enjoying uni, I love my friends, I'm spending too much time with Tweed Boy, work has started giving me a bit of responsibility and I'm actually enjoying working, and I'm signing the lease for the most amazing house tomorrow.

We went for a walk around our new hood today (ie up and down Hutt Street), and we have everything within a block - 2 IGAs, one of which is the super gourmet one, cafes, restaurants, pizza, pubs, bottle shop, chemist, newsagent, post office.....you name it....

As I said today, I'm just feeling so happy that I could burst, and little sparks of sunshine would scatter everywhere...sickening.
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The Mother, The Hag and The Maiden are moving....  
05:37pm 28/05/2009
Emma SpyCat
We got the house! We got the house! I'm moving out next week!!!!!!!!!

(Thanks Google Maps...)

Some pictures of The Coven's lair...Collapse )

I am so happy. I have been bouncing off the walls all day.

We are going to have the most amazingly sickeningly happy house - we can go for coffee down the road, and eat cake, and we're diagonal neighbours with Nick and Misha, and across the road from Sujini.....oh wowowowwoowwoow!!!

Going to a gig tonight with Tweed Boy, yet another study-less day, but oh well, I'm too happy to study!!!!
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Ouch, a needle.  
06:08pm 26/05/2009
Emma SpyCat
Damned bronchitis. Why do I get it every year, without fail. Sometimes 2-3 times a year. Grumble. Stupid lungs.


So this morning I got jabbed in the arm and dosed up on anti-biotics, so at least my cervix should be safe from cancer, and my lungs may recover. Though apparently the combination of vaccination and illness means I am going to be feeling shocking for the next couple of days. Hooray.

In other news, we could be moving out as soon as next week, if our rent application goes through. It's a lovely little cottage in the city, I love it so. Though I will miss my house. I will miss the tv, and the kitchen. And the garden. Chances are I will spend half my time here anyway. Especially in the summer, when I will need the air conditioning and pool.

Ramble ramble, off to eat dinner and study and cough up my lungs in the library. Mmm.
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11:40am 25/05/2009
Emma SpyCat
So, after my research presentation on Thursday, I felt so much happier. Hooray - so much stress gone in an instant! Though now I have to get serious about exams. Grossies.

Currently in the process of looking at houses....Georgia and Sarah and I are planning to move out sometime fairly soon, so it's a whirlwind of inner-city cottages at the moment. I am so excited!!!

Had a fairly quiet weekend - went on the psych pubcrawl on Friday, but only had 3 drinks (oh my!), then met (droonk) Rob and went home. Saturday went and saw Angels and Demons with the aforementioned dronkard, which was entertaining, despite lack of valid plot-line etcetera...what you expect really. But I enjoyed it. Sunday cooked osso bucco with Harry, and got unintentionally pretty dronk on red wine. Oops. Then decided I didn't like being dronk and went home. How fun am I.

I also think I've done something to an internal organ - I have crippling pain in my left side every time I move - I think I did something to it last night? Urgh. I hope that clears itself up, and my liver hasn't imploded or something.

Oh well, off to look at a house! And then to study! It's going to be another fun night in the psych dungeons tonight!!
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09:25pm 29/04/2009
Emma SpyCat
...I seem to be on the upward spiral! Hooray!

I've started studying for exams, I should be starting my experiment next week, and I'm going to Melbourne for the weekend, for shopping, eating and fun times...and I will even get to see a couple of my MTL friends who I haven't seen for months, and it will be amazing.

Had a lovely day today with Tweed Boy, lazing around until midday, cooking gnocchi with field mushrooms, garlic and herbs (and lots of butter!), walking along Linear Park to Melbourne Street, drinking coffee, walking into town and bumming around...it was so sunny! Amazing! And after dinner last night at The Royal Oak (mmm, lamb backstrap!), and then an amusing visit to the Mitcham Ed, and a quick stop-off at the Ex before home (I was driving, sober!!), it was a very pleasant 24 hours. Though somewhat unproductive in terms of study, perhaps!

Anyway, sickening as it may be, I am for the moment unusually happy, with everything and everyone. Let's hope my upward spiral continues like this!!
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