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11:40am 25/05/2009
Emma SpyCat
So, after my research presentation on Thursday, I felt so much happier. Hooray - so much stress gone in an instant! Though now I have to get serious about exams. Grossies.

Currently in the process of looking at houses....Georgia and Sarah and I are planning to move out sometime fairly soon, so it's a whirlwind of inner-city cottages at the moment. I am so excited!!!

Had a fairly quiet weekend - went on the psych pubcrawl on Friday, but only had 3 drinks (oh my!), then met (droonk) Rob and went home. Saturday went and saw Angels and Demons with the aforementioned dronkard, which was entertaining, despite lack of valid plot-line etcetera...what you expect really. But I enjoyed it. Sunday cooked osso bucco with Harry, and got unintentionally pretty dronk on red wine. Oops. Then decided I didn't like being dronk and went home. How fun am I.

I also think I've done something to an internal organ - I have crippling pain in my left side every time I move - I think I did something to it last night? Urgh. I hope that clears itself up, and my liver hasn't imploded or something.

Oh well, off to look at a house! And then to study! It's going to be another fun night in the psych dungeons tonight!!
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