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10:22pm 31/05/2009
Emma SpyCat
I'm just sickeningly happy at the moment, it's terrible.

It seems like everything has suddenly just slotted together wonderfully - I'm enjoying uni, I love my friends, I'm spending too much time with Tweed Boy, work has started giving me a bit of responsibility and I'm actually enjoying working, and I'm signing the lease for the most amazing house tomorrow.

We went for a walk around our new hood today (ie up and down Hutt Street), and we have everything within a block - 2 IGAs, one of which is the super gourmet one, cafes, restaurants, pizza, pubs, bottle shop, chemist, newsagent, post office.....you name it....

As I said today, I'm just feeling so happy that I could burst, and little sparks of sunshine would scatter everywhere...sickening.
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12:48am 26/06/2009 (UTC)
Tweed Boy
sickening. And i think it has only become worse over the past few weeks.
Let's hope it doesn't get any worse, otherwise you'll explode into a new planet/galaxy like a hungry luma...

oh, and re muddy - no, i'm not a librarian.
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02:05am 26/06/2009 (UTC)
Emma SpyCat
Disgusting. And it's all your fault.
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09:39am 26/06/2009 (UTC)
Tweed Boy
and i'm not in the least bit apologetic about it. Scum.
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