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07:09pm 05/07/2009
Emma SpyCat
So, I haven't updated for a while, and I'll blame this on the fact that I didn't have internet for a few weeks, and thereafter have been too lazy/busy to do so...

1. House
My new house is amazing!! Well, the location is great, and living with my friends is super, and the house is pretty much perfect...apart from the flooding. When we had that really heavy rain last week, we discovered, to our horror, the room which we thought was just damp and which had apparently been fixed, turned into a raging torrent, which then formed a lake in our kitchen. Now the carpet in the living room is stained and damp, and smells repulsive....so it's fun times arguing with the land-agent about fixing the swamp we're living in.

Had housewarming last night, which was fun, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, even if I did unceremoniously kick them out at 2.30. Oh well! Time to clean the winestains out of the already wrecked carpet...

2. Exams
Well, I don't think it was my best exam period. Cognition = okay, Critical Issues = good, Assessment = dismal, Intelligence = good. So, who knows how I'll do. I think I was actually going mad that week as I tried to cram everything into my head the day before the exams....oh, if only I had a good work ethic!

3. Well I suppose he will read this eventually...
...so I should say something nice about Boyfriend. Who has been practically living at Marion Street since I moved in, and I've been in a sickeningly happy bubble ever since. If, when I met him in Montreal, someone would have told me that those three drunken days I spent with him (and subsequent complete dislike for a while) would turn into probably the happiest period of my life, I would have scoffed in disbelief. But it's true. I can't remember ever being this happy. And it's amazing.

Lolz at a comment you made on my LJ last July Rob:
You guys are just so incredibly awesome! Trying not to inflate your ego further - but i'm jealous of your escapades, and wish i could've spent more time hanging out with you.

Well, seems like you're spending a lot more time hanging out with us now...Also you used to say nice things about me, whatever changed eh? :p

Anyway, I shall discontinue this point now, for fear of being *vom* *vom* *vom*

4. Honours?
Weeeelll, it seems as though I am finally starting my experiment this week. Excited much!!
And I have to actually start my thesis. Urgh. Oh well, at least I only have one exam to think about next semester, so theoretically, have all the time in the world.
Though when I fail, at least I can blame Rob for distracting me...:p

Hooray, Masterchef time! I am so addicted.
Where...or when... home...well...old home.
Sound waves masterchef!
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02:42pm 07/07/2009 (UTC)
Tweed Boy
obviously i was in a state of drunken derangement this time last year. As if i'd say a thing like that.

You are clearly nowhere near awesome.

But thanks for the nice words. I guess.
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05:07am 08/07/2009 (UTC)
Emma SpyCat
Yeah, I'll never say anything nice again, so enjoy the moment.
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04:22am 09/07/2009 (UTC)
Tweed Boy
worst g/f ever.
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