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01:57pm 17/07/2009
Emma SpyCat
Well, some day I will get a job which actually requires me to do some work...so far I've managed to avoid it...

Emma's truly auspicious employment history:

1. Dominos
No, didn't do much work. Sat around, gossipped, 'got lost' on deliveries.

2. Weeks Peacock/SBS/Supaloc
Well, I did some work. I wrote some contracts, I took minutes, I filed, I organised, I filed, I did homework. No, actually spent most of my time doing homework.

3. That job I had in MTL
Sitting in bed talking on the phone to Korean businesspeople. 'Work' indeed.

4. Union
Glaring at customers, listening to the radio, filing, pottering around the internet, writing thesis. Hmmm....

So in a brief moment of optimism I decided to get my lunch from Mayo. As is usually the case, this proved a near-fatal experience. It seems that during the holidays, the selection of sludge is even more gelatinous, monochrome and reconstituted than usual - there weren't even any slightly-rotten salads to choose from. So, I went with the hokkien noodles. I suppose the upside was that there was enough sweet chilli sauce in there to mask any other flavours (if indeed there were any other flavours)...but it still didn't make up for those lumps of meat, which many years ago may or may not have actually been part of an animal...or the gluggy noodles...suffice to say, I soon found myself feeding the noodles to a nearby pigeon. This however attracted more pigeons (I should have known better), and soon I was surrounded by a flock of rather mangey looking birds, eyes all fixed to my substandard lunch.

Now these pigeons were fearsome creatures, I tell you! They advanced upon me - one even having the audacity to sit on my leg waiting to be fed. When I threw a clump of noodles, there was a frenzy, heads shaking, noodles flying everywhere...including all over me (oh what gratitude!). It happens to be new international student orientation at the moment, and so a group of them passed me as I sat on the lawn amidst my avian admirers, throwing noodles, and subsequently having noodles thrown back onto me. The students stared at me with looks of confusion - I felt like assuring them that once they had eaten at Mayo, they too would be partaking in such lunch-time activities.

My half-hour ended, and I left the lawn covered in bits of beaked noodle, and the pigeons covered in pieces of noodle which had been flung, and had clung, to their feathers. I myself was still feeling fairly hungry, and the bits of chilli sauce spotted on my stockings only served to remind me of my unfortuanate lunchtime choices...

Terribly bored. Attempting to write thesis. Rather worried that it's going to be somewhat inconsequential and boring. Oh dear...

Also my friends page isn't working for some reason...grumble.
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