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06:09pm 01/10/2009
Emma SpyCat
I keep starting posts, and then giving up after about a sentence. Obviously that is testament to how exciting my life is at the moment.

Thesis is due next Friday - eek! Though I just have to finish my abstract and write a meaningful concluding paragraph, so everything seems on track. Although fixing up my references may prove to be a long and tedious task....*grumbles about EndNote*.

I'm hoping I get a good grade for this thesis - although I may not have the most significant of results overall, I did get one good result, which rather unfortunately was the least important of the possible list...oh well. I think I've given some good enough reasoning to explain why my second experiment didn't work too well though, and I suppose that's what counts.

Having managed to get 3 firsts and one 2a for my semester 1 exams, I am hoping that I can manage to squeeze a first overall....it all depends on thesis and my one exam left this semester. Eek.

Also have to ask my supervisor about PhD possibilities. We had our PhD propaganda talk the other week, where "who wants to do a PhD?" was answered by 3 raised hands out of 50, while "who wants to do clinical masters?" got most of the class excited. I am glad I am in the minority of people, and will hopefully be able to do my PhD, and get a scholarship....and be happy....and whatever.

I've really enjoyed my honours year, and I don't think I was supposed to. Maybe because, for once, I was actually doing something that interested me, and was challenged in a way which I am afraid undergraduate arts never really managed.

Other than that....I've been ill for the last 2-3 months, continually. Chest infections, sinus infections....this all culminated in an infected gland on my jaw last week, which swelled up something dreadful. Antibiotics #3 seems to be helping this, and finally have killed my other various ailments. I blame living in this share house. It's damp and ridden with disease, obviously.

And I've been procrastinating by buying vegetable seedlings and planting them. I have broccoli, beetroot, silverbeet, bok choy, cos lettuce, chillis, plus many herbs. It's terribly exciting.

Oh, and while I love Robert very much, I am terribly upset with him right now. But I am sure I will get over it. And yes I know you're going to read this. Hurry up and finish cooking dinner. I'm hungry.
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I love Endnote
12:43pm 01/10/2009 (UTC)
Sorry to hear about the illness. I recommend kicking the booze. Alcohol suppresses the immune system. Might also muck with the antibiotics. Enough judgement though...

As a Ph.D student myself, I would recommend not doing one. One should seriously reconsider the calculation of how cool having Dr. in front of your name is, versus having a happy, gainfully emplyed life.

Maybe its different in the humanities, but my experience of research is one of a dead end trip to nowhere. It's been amusing though. I suuupose it is all about the journey! Maybe a Ph.D isn't so bad afterall!
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Re: I love Endnote
02:04pm 01/10/2009 (UTC)
Emma SpyCat
Oh but I want to potter around for three years hitting dead ends! It sounds far more fun than actually working...if I don't do a PhD then my options are to finish my law degree, and shudder, become a lawyer....or do some sort of psych masters and become possibly the worse practitioner known to the field.

I think I enjoy lurking around Hughes basement at midnight too much to not spend the next three years there....
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04:46pm 06/10/2009 (UTC)
Good luck!
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