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11:32pm 31/10/2010
Emma SpyCat
So I'm feeling rather good about myself at the moment, and this is primarily the result of my tutoring this semester...

To elaborate:

I got my SELTS back from my second year subject, and they all said things like "Emma is quirky and colourful", "Emma is very funny", "I really enjoy Emma's tutes", "Emma is really cool", "Emma is the best tutor ever!" etcetera. I had a few negative comments saying "when Emma isn't interested in the subject matter, she should hide it" which is probably a valid point. As I was teaching "health and lifespan development" - a subject which I know next to nothing about, and don't particularly care about, I found it hard in some cases to hide my boredom...

So I was feeling happy, and then last night was Psychology Dinner, where a couple of my students came up to me and started telling me that they loved me, and thought that I was the best tutor they'd ever had, and that they wanted to have photos with me, and that THEY REALLY REALLY LOVED ME! I was absolutely ecstatic. So I had a few photos with them, and then they added me on Facebook, which means I have to stop whinging about students...but it made me so happy.

I suppose as a first year tutor it's nice to have that validation that I'm doing well, especially since I was very nervous last semester, and probably wasn't very good at all. This semester though, I think I've worked out my tutoring style, and am not completely terrified every time I have to take a tute. It's also nice to know that my students don't just see me as a boring tutor who makes them do boring discussion questions, but they actually LIKE me, and think my tutes are fun...I suppose everyone likes to know that people like them (or in this case apparently LOOOOVVVVEEEEE them), and it's not often you get people actually telling you that they like you - even one's friends only tend to tell you that when they're very drunk and having an alcohol-induced need to share their feelings.

So my students, in telling me how much they like me, have made me a hundred times more confident in my tutoring, and also in myself. Yay etc.

After that I proceeded to get rather tiddly, and danced badly with some of my other students, and made two of them who were on my table play drinking games during the speeches. Oh dear.

As an endnote - I do think it's rather funny that some of my students apparently think I'm so cool, because never before in my life have I ever, ever been cool.
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