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Eventually Emma May Succumb to her daydreams.

Emma SpyCat
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She wants to write books, but she is studying law.

She doesn't really like people, but she is studying psychology.

Elle étudie le français, aussi.

If you ask her something, she may look at you for a while, and then mutter a vague response concerning the 1930s.

If you are lucky you may even get a few words concerning Glenn Miller, bassoons, soy cappucinos or hats.

If you are unlucky, you will however get a rant about brains, cognition, and neuropsychology.

If you see a figure walking along the street wearing a trenchcoat, hat, stockings and over-sized glasses, it is probably her.

Alternatively if you see a figure of twenty-odd years wandering around wearing the same dresses it wore as a seven-year-old, it is probably her.

She thinks that this is all very interesting, really.

She would also encourage the veiwing of the following movie trailer, because she wrote it:


She thinks it is very exciting.

She doesn't think that her blog is really very interesting though.

She invites you to disagree.

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